Tantri Box’s striking reply when her face is called the Tobing Posan looks like a maid

Jakarta – Tantri Kotak was caught responding to Posan Tobing’s insinuation which called the vocalist of the Kotak band like a maid. Instead of being angry, he wrote that the work was noble work.

Netizens immediately supported Tantri Kotak’s striking response. Like what? Read more below.

Posan Tobing looks like a maid


Photo: Instagram/dunianeti

Posan Tobing had previously sent a summons to the band Kotak and forbade them from performing songs composed by Posan himself.

He then talked about Tantri’s journey before joining the band Kotak. Posan revealed that Tantri was barely accepted because her face was said to look like a maid’s.

“Tantri, you have to remember the first time you signed up as a vocalist for Kotak, no one agreed. Some said ‘not her, her face is like a maid’,” said Posan Tobing in the Uya Kuya podcast, which was re-uploaded by @dunianeti.

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