Tama Tazia, Allegedly Affected by Hanum Mega’s Husband, Pinned by the Actor

Jakarta – Selebgram Hanum Mega exposed her husband, Achmad Herlambang’s alleged affair with a woman named Tama Tazia alias Zia. In fact, Hanum dared to reveal the nasty chat that allegedly happened between them.

Surprisingly, netizens found surprising things from Tama Tazia’s Instagram after it was reported that she had an affair with Hanum Mega’s husband. What’s that? Take a peek at the article!

Tama Tazia Pinned Actor’s Comment?

Hanum Mega uncovered allegations of Achmad Herlambang’s affair with Zia. Initially, Hanum shared chats between her husband and Zia who exchanged nasty messages. Hanum deliberately highlighted ‘until your knees shake’ in his disclosure.

“It still hurts” wrote Zia in a chat that was dismantled by Hanum Mega, reported by IntipSeleb on Wednesday, 28 June 2023.
“Can we dance until our knees shake?” replied Achmad Herlambang in the chat.
“Yes, we can take stimulants first.‘ replied Zia.

Because the alleged affair with Achmad Herlambang was exposed by Hanum Mega, Zia’s figure became trending. However, according to the Twitter account @yeaitsaul, Zia had pinned netizen comments that blasphemed her as a perpetrator.

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