Talking about romance, Prilly Latuconsina: The longest move on, maybe 2 years. Yes

Jakarta – Prilly Latuconsina is a popular artist in the country. As a public figure, his life is often in the spotlight, especially regarding romantic relationships.

On one occasion, when interviewed by the media crew, Prilly Latuconsina told about her romantic relationship. Curious? Let’s see!

Prilly Latuconsina

Prilly Latuconsina admits that she is the type of woman who finds it difficult to open her heart after losing. It even took him two years to recover that feeling.

“Move on the longest, maybe two years, yes, (if) the fastest, never fast. I really have a hard time moving on,” said Prilly Latuconsina in the Cikini area, Central Jakarta, recently.

Prilly Latuconsina doesn’t understand why it’s hard for her to open her heart

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