Synopsis of the film The Dark Knight (2008), Heath Ledger’s last act as the Joker

United States of America – The Dark Knight is a superhero film released in 2008, directed by Christopher Nolan. The film is a sequel to Batman Begins and part of Nolan’s Batman trilogy.

With thrilling action, a complex story, and Heath Ledger’s iconic performance of the Joker, The Dark Knight is considered one of the best superhero films of all time. Come on, take a peek at the synopsis of The Dark Knight!

The Dark Knights
Source: IMDb

The film’s story is set in Gotham City, a crime-ridden city. Bruce Wayne (played by Christian Bale), who is also Batman, struggles to rid the city of rampant crime.

He partners with Lieutenant James Gordon (played by Gary Oldman) and District Attorney Harvey Dent (played by Aaron Eckhart) in their quest to fight criminals.

As crime worsens, Gotham City is faced with a new threat in the person of the Joker (played by Heath Ledger). The Joker is a sadistic and unpredictable criminal who seeks to wreak havoc in the city.

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