Synopsis of the film Replicas (2018), the story of a man who makes replicas of the bodies of his deceased family

United States of America – “Replicas” is a science fiction film combining elements of thriller and drama, directed by Jeffrey Nachmanoff and released in 2018.

The film stars Keanu Reeves as the main protagonist, William Foster, a scientist obsessed with creating new life through cloning technology. The following is a complete synopsis of the film Repiclas.

The story of “Replicas” begins when William Foster, a brilliant neurologist, loses his family in a tragic car accident. Facing deep desolation, Foster decides to use his expertise in science to bring back his dead family.

With the help of his partner, Ed Whittle (played by Thomas Middleditch), Foster works in a secret laboratory owned by the company they work for. They seek to reproduce human memories and mindsets into robotic bodies, with the aim of creating perfect replicas of their deceased family members.

However, this cloning process is not easy. Foster had to deal with the ethical challenges and consequences involved in creating artificial human life. Meanwhile, they are also threatened by the presence of the authorities who are aware of the secret experiments they are carrying out.

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