Synopsis of Serial India Kasautii July 25, 2023: Anurag Continues to be Overshadowed by Prerna to the point of Frustration

PeekSeleb – The Indian series Kasautii, which airs every day on ANTV at 14.00 WIB, presents the twists and turns of the story of two friends who love each other but are now separated. Anurag, who keeps remembering Prerna, makes him hate Mr. Bajaj and promises to destroy him.

In the previous episode, Prerna, who was in a relationship with Mr. Bajaj to save Anurag, frustrated Anurag and kept trying to get Prerna to come back to him. Anurag who manages to take Prerna with him makes Prerna realize and tries to convince Anurag that their relationship is over.

But Anurag does not want to accept that fact. Then Mr. Bajaj tells Nivendita that Anurag kidnapped Prerna. Mr Bajaj threatens and asks Nivendita must find Anurag and bring Prerna to him within 1 hour. Otherwise Anurag’s life is in danger.

What about Anurag’s fate? Will he be killed? let’s see the full synopsis which will air on Tuesday, July 25, 2023.


Photo: ANTV

Even though Ronit keeps targeting Prerna and chasing her, Anurag keeps guarding Prerna from being harmed by Ronit. Then when confronted with Ronit, Prerna managed to corner Ronit, besides that Ronit brought up his deal with Prerna which made Anurag curious but Prerna quickly changed the subject.

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