Synopsis of Drakor My Friend’s Graduation, Acting Debut of Kim Jong Hyeon Alias ​​JR ex-NU’EST

South Korea – Kim Jong Hyeon (JR) is finally confirmed to star in the drama. Kim Jong Hyeon’s debut drama is titled My Friend’s Graduation where he competes acting with Yein Lovelyz.

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Drama Kim Jong Hyeon and Yein Lovelyz

Instagram/Kim Jonghyun

Photo: Instagram/Kim Jong Hyun

On July 11, Kim Jong Hyeon and Yein Lovelyz were confirmed to be appearing in the upcoming drama, My Friend’s Graduation. Apart from the two idols, Park Chul Min also starred in My Friend’s Graduation.

My Friend’s Graduation is about a 75-year-old man who becomes roommates with a 20-year-old student in a college dorm. This drama depicts a joyful journey of their bickering, friendship, and growth.

My Friend’s Graduation player character

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