Synopsis Indian Serial Kasautii: Anurag’s Life Is Threatened


PeekSeleb – The Indian series Kasautii, which airs every day on ANTV at 14.00 WIB, still features the love story of two friends which is increasingly complicated by the presence of a third person. The audience will be enraged by Komolika’s behavior, who continues to frame Prerna to damage her relationship with Anurag.

Besides that, Prerna is also willing to marry Mr. Bajaj with the aim of saving Anurag.

How will Prerna’s story continue after carrying out her mission, namely to marry Mr. Bajaj? Come on, see the full synopsis, which will air on Monday, July 24, 2023.


Photo: ANTV

Even though he was previously framed to separate Prerna and Anurag, Anurag still wants to accompany Prerna and doesn’t want to leave her alone.

Besides that, Mr. Bajaj is increasingly impressed with Prerna and sees something very special about Prerna. He also felt no regrets for having married Prerna. Then when Prerna wanted to talk to Anurag, suddenly a man came and hit him from behind but Anurag who saw that immediately hit the man and took Prerna in his car.

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