Synopsis In the Name of Love Episode 25

Jakarta – The soap opera Atas Nama Cinta will enter its final episode. The soap opera Atas Nama Cinta episode 25 will show Rayn and Indah who are starting to be honest about their feelings.

In fact, Rayn and Indah promised to give Grandma Thistle and Laras grandchildren. Like what? Let’s take a peek at the synopsis!

Rayn and Indah Are Honest About Their Feelings

In the name of love

Indah left the house with a suitcase, Rayn held her back and said that she didn’t want Indah to leave because she loved him. But Indah still left because their marriage was only an agreement and Anggia’s killer, Billy, had been caught.

Rayn screamed beautifully, don’t go. Turns out it was just a dream. That’s how big Rayn’s fear is when Indah leaves. Finally Rayn also expressed his heart. Rayn loves Indah and promises to protect Indah forever.

Diana visited Billy and Dion in prison. They didn’t want Rayn to be happy because of their suffering. Billy wants to find a way so he can get back at Rayn. Laras leaves Sofia’s house. Sofia is at a loss looking for Wiwin’s sister. Sofia calls Rayn for help.

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