Synopsis In the Name of Love Episode 22

Jakarta – In the name of love, episode 22 focuses on Rayn, who is trying to bring down people who hate her. Unable to bear to see Rayn struggling alone, Indah helps him.

Unlucky, Indah was actually injured and fainted because she helped. What’s Ryan’s reaction? Check out the synopsis!

Attempts to Drop Rayn

In the name of love

Rayn was still shocked and had no idea that Indah was involved in the issue of Billy’s shares which were given to Emir. Sofia asked Rayn to be careful with all of them because they must have other plans and want to bring down Rayn.

As for Diana, who was increasingly annoyed with Indah, she finally had a plan to kill Indah. Diana invited Widuri and Surti to eat out. While Indah was alone at home. Diana then called her men to come to the house and kill Indah.

Indah panicked when two people came to the house and trashed the house. Beautiful screams for help. Indah tried to call Rayn while trying to hide from the people Diana sent. Rayn, who was still stuck at the hotel, was finally surprised when he found out that Indah had called repeatedly. Rayn tries to call Indah back, and is shocked when Indah screams for help.

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