Synopsis Golden Job (2018), The Five Brothers’ Mission to Robb the Medicine until a Traitor Appears

Peek Celebrity Movies – Golden Job is a film from Hong Kong which was released in 2018. The film Golden Job tells the story of 5 brothers who grew up as criminals.

They got a mission to rob a truck full of drugs. However, it turns out that the truck is not filled with drugs, but gold. Greed appeared in the heart of one of the members to betray. Curious? Let’s take a peek at the Golden Job synopsis below.

Golden Job focuses on a group of orphans who grow up in an orphanage. They are Lion (Ekin Cheng), Crater (JordanChan), Clam (Chin Ka-lok), Bill (Michael Tse) and also Mouse (Jerry Lamb).

They are brave and persistent figures. This is what makes Cho Sir (Eric Tsang) who is a trader decide to adopt the five friends.

Until many years later, the five friends grew up as assassins under the tutelage of Cho Sir, who was called Papa.

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