Synopsis Film The Doll 2, Luna Maya Terrorized by a Dangerous Mystical Doll

Jakarta – The Doll 2 is an Indonesian horror film released in 2017. This film was directed by Rocky Soraya and produced by Hitmaker Studios. As a sequel to the previous film, The Doll, which was released in 2016, The Doll 2 presents a more tense and mysterious story.

The Doll 2 film stars Herjunot Ali, Sara Wijayanto, Luna Maya, Maria Sabta, and others. Come on, take a peek at the synopsis for The Doll 2 below!

Synopsis Film The Doll 2 (2017)

thedoll 2
Source: IMDb

This film tells the story of Maira (played by Luna Maya), a woman who is married to Aldo (played by Herjunot Ali). After the tragic incident in the previous film, Maira is still traumatized and tries to forget the incident. However, when Aldo decides to buy a house in a rural area, their lives are again haunted by the presence of an evil doll.

Their new home is inhabited by the scary and dangerous Chucky doll. Maira is disturbed by the presence of the doll, and the mystery begins to unravel when she finds the diary of a girl named Laras (played by Sara Wijayanto), who is cursed by the evil doll.

Maira then tries to uncover the truth behind the doll and find out more about Laras. However, the deeper Maira digs for information, the more scary things happen around her. The doll has a frightening supernatural power and continues to haunt Maira and the people around her.

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