Synopsis Film Rumah Octopus (2014), Urban Legend Ghost from Bandung

Peek Celebrity Movies – Indonesia has many thrilling and scary horror films, one of which is Rumah Octopus. Synopsis Rumah Octopus is a film based on the urban legend Rumah Octopus in Bandung, West Java.

The Octopus House film was released in 2014 starring Shandy Aulia, Boy William, Kemal Palevi, and Maria Sabta. What’s the synopsis like? Come on, take a peek at the synopsis for the film Octopus House below!

Synopsis Film Octopus House (2014)

octopus house
Source: IMDb

The Octopus House film begins with a woman named Selina (played by Shandy Aulia). Selina yearns for a normal life. Not without reason, Selina was born with a special ability, namely the ability of the sixth sense.

Because of her sixth sense ability, Selina is seen as strange by her surroundings, which makes her ostracized. Worse, Selina was shunned by her brother and sister-in-law who asked her to move out of their house.

Growing up, Selina had to endure the shame of being dumped by her boyfriend and being humiliated by her own friends. Accepting this bitter experience, Selina was determined to move to Bandung.

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