Synopsis Film Rogue (2020), The Mission of the Beautiful Captain Against Terrorists to Ferocious Lions

United States of America – “Rogue” is an action thriller film released in 2020. Directed by MJ Bassett, this film presents a story full of action and suspense against the backdrop of the natural beauty of Africa.

“Rogue” offers intense and high-adrenaline action, with tense shooting scenes. Let’s take a peek at the synopsis!

“Rogue” tells the story of a group of mercenaries led by O’Hara (Megan Fox), a former member of the special forces. They are given a mission to rescue a group of hostages being held by a terrorist group in Africa. The group consists of Valerie (Jessica Sutton), Asilia (Sisanda Henna), and several other people who are hostage victims.

When O’Hara’s team arrives at their destination, they realize that it’s not only the terrorists who pose a threat. They have to deal with a group of poachers who are full of cruelty and ferocity. These hunters are led by a man named Collins (Philip Winchester) who does not hesitate to kill humans for his own interests.

While trying to save the hostages, O’Hara and his team are caught in a life and death battle against the poachers. They have to face various dangerous obstacles and fight off the constant attacks. In their quest to survive and complete the mission, O’Hara and his team learn to depend on each other and use all the skills they have.

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