Synopsis Dakkila: Martin Rejects His Identity as Antubaw, Howls Under Attack!

PeekSeleb – The Filipino series Dakkila which airs every Monday-Friday, at 09.30 WIB on ANTV, is here again with a story that gets more tense in each episode. Annoyed by the reality, Martin wants to escape his identity as Antubaw.

In the previous episode, Martin managed to escape from the Atubaws very quickly. He was sure that Bella was in danger and immediately told his father about the whereabouts of the Atubaws so that his father could immediately hunt them down and kill them.

On the other hand, the Atubaws decided to fight back instead of running away again. After ensuring the safety of Ines, Bella and Celia, they prepared to deal with Banson’s attack.

What’s the next story? Let’s see the full synopsis that will be broadcast on Tuesday 25 July 2023 below.

Synopsis of Dakkila


Photo: ANTV

After a fierce battle between Banson’s troops and the Atubaws, Lolong finds a bloodied Diego by the river. Hoping that Diego would still survive, Lolong brought him back to their hideout.

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