Syahnaz Sadiqah Regrets, Rendy Kjaernett Smiles During Worship at Church

Jakarta – Syahnaz Sadiqah has appeared to provide clarification on her affair with Rendy Kjaernett. Accompanied by Jeje Govinda, Syahnaz admitted that he was sorry for the incident that had occurred.

When Syahnaz Sadiqah clarified accompanied by Jeje Govinda, what did Rendy Kjaernett do? Take a peek at the continuation, OK!

Syahnaz Sadiqah Confesses Regret

Syahnaz Sadiqah and Jeje Govinda

Syahnaz Sadiqah admitted that she was sorry for her actions so far. Although he did not mention his affair with Rendy Kjaernett, Raffi Ahmad’s younger brother allegedly discussed this matter.

“I’m really sorry, really sorry. With what happened to everything,” said Syahnaz Sadiqah as quoted from her YouTube, which was uploaded on Sunday, July 9, 2023.

Syahnaz Sadiqah admits that she is not grateful to her family and husband, who are very kind. Therefore, Syahnaz could not convey any other words besides regret and apology.

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