Syahnaz Sadiqah Called Insincerely Apologizes, Expression Expert: Still Can’t Leave


Jakarta – In clarifying the issue of his affair with Jeje Govinda, Syahnaz Sadiqah has admitted and expressed regret. In fact, he also apologized to her husband.

However, expression expert, Kirdi Putra, even called Syahnaz’s apology insincere. Let’s take a peek at Syahnaz’s expression below.

Maad Syahnaz’s request was called insincere because he still could not leave

Kirdi Putra, Syahnaz, jeje

Expression expert Kirdi Putra opened his voice about the apology made by Syahnaz Sadiqah in his clarification. He himself explained the conditions for a sincere apology, while the younger brother of Raffi Ahmad did not fulfill these three elements.

“An apology that can be said to be sincere, if he dares to take responsibility, admits and really apologizes, there are three conditions,” said Kirdi Putra, quoted from the Intense Investigation YouTube channel on July 10, 2023.

“In fact, it’s a turn, so the three conditions for a sincere apology are not mentioned. Why? It could be because of the image, the two still feel bad, prestige, and so on,” he continued.

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