surprised! Melly Goeslaw’s new appearance after bariatric surgery is called similar to Aming


Jakarta – Senior singer Melly Goeslaw looks very slim and thinner after deciding to have bariatric surgery, aka stomach cutting.

Suffering from obesity, the singer of the song ‘Hangung’ was actually flooded with ridicule so that he was called like comedian Aming. Curious? Come on scroll next article!

Latest Views of Melly Goeslaw

The owner’s full name is Melliana Cessy Goeslaw, or better known as Melly Goeslaw, is a public figure who is determined to undergo stomach surgery to maintain her health and appearance.

In addition, a number of celebrities such as Jennifer Dunn, Shindy Samuel and Melly Goeslaw chose this alternative because they wanted to lose weight immediately. However, with her new appearance, Melly Goeslaw actually flooded netizens with blasphemy because her face was called Aming’s resemblance.

By uploading her personal TikTok account, Melly Goeslaw appears to be making viral content for Duo Anggrek’s song ‘Cikini Gondangdia’ with super glamorous makeup.

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