Surprise! Melody Nurramdhani Performs at JKT48 Summer Festival

Jakarta – JKT48 held a special event, namely the Summer Festival or what is also called the Natsu Matsuri. This event will be held at Tennis Outdoor, Senayan, Jakarta on July 2, 2023.

When the 11th generation appeared to entertain the fans who came. Suddenly Melody Nurramdhani Laksani as the General Manager of JKT48 also appeared. Here’s Melody’s appearance when she appeared on this special event? Here’s the article.


JKT48 held a Summer Festival concert with summer-themed songs. With unique costumes make the members look attractive

JKT48 Summer Festival was opened with the songs Manatsu no Sounds Good, Nagiichi, Gokigen Naname Na Mermaid, and Melon Juice.

After performing the songs, several members such as Christy, Ashel, and Zee greeted the fans who were present.

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