Streaming Link for Drama DP Season 2 with Indo Sub, Jung Hae In Undergoes an Army Hunt Mission


South Korea – Drama DP or Desester Pursuit will return with season 2 which again highlights the story of a special team in hunting down soldiers trying to fog.

Drama DP Season 2 is again played by Jung Hae In and Koo Gyo Hwan as the main stars. In addition, the drama D..P. Season 2 is predicted to be even more exciting with the presence of a new cast.

You can start watching it on July 28, 2023, following IntipSeleb summarizes the streaming link for the DP Season 2 drama complete with Indonesian subtitles, let’s scroll on!

DP Season 2 Drama Plot


Photo : Netflix

The DP drama begins with the story of a man named An Jun Ho (Jung Hae In) who begins his mandatory military service and has to be transferred to the DP team (Desester Pursuit).

The DP team was tasked with capturing soldiers who had escaped from the military camp. In carrying out his mission, An Jun Ho is paired with Corporal Han Ho Yeol (Koo Gyo Hwan), who has a very different character from him.

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