Still in love with Antonio Dedola, Nikita Mirzani Mewek admits she was wrong and apologizes

Jakarta – The feud between Nikita Mirzani and her ex-husband, Antonio Dedola, continues. Previously, Antonio revealed a letter of subpoena from the widow of 3 children.

Most recently, the Caucasian from Germany uploaded a recording of Nikita Mirzani’s voice crying saying he still loves Antonio Dedola. Read more below.

Nikita Mirzani admits that she still lovesAntonio Dedola

After the disclosure of the subpoena sent by Nikita Mirzani, Antonio Dedola again revealed new facts. This time, he uploaded a voice recording of the conversation between him and Nikita.

In the sound recording, Nikita Mirzani can be heard crying. She also admits that she still loves her ex-husband.

“HIS ACTIONS SPEAK MORE THAN WORD, AND THEREFORE I DON’T BELIEVE A WORD FROM HIM.” wrote Antonio Dedola in his Insta Story, launched on July 2, 2023.

Antonio started his question by asking what Nikita Mirzani wanted. However, the mother of 3 children could not answer.

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