Steady wanting to divorce, Shinta Bachir and her husband are no longer in the same house

Jakarta – Shinta Bachir and Indra Kristianto’s household is in trouble. The reason is, the wife sued her husband for divorce at the East Jakarta Religious Court.

The couple, who married in March 2023, have now separated, aka they don’t live together anymore. Following is the statement from the attorney, Indra Kristianto, curious? Let’s take a peek!

It’s Not One Home Anymore

Intipseleb/Tiya Sukmawati

Photo: Intipseleb/Tiya Sukmawati

On one occasion, Nasution as Indra Kristianto’s attorney said that currently his client and Shinta Bachir are no longer under the same roof. Although the communication between the two parties is still going well.

“Currently, they are no longer together, they are not together in the sense that they are already at each other’s homes,” said Nasution at the South Jakarta Religious Court on Tuesday, July 18, 2023.

“But the communication some time ago still looks smooth,” he said again.

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