Startling! Rakhi Sawant Swears It Will Be Painful Until Salman Khan Gets Married


India – Indian artist Rakhi Sawant is again reaping quite a surprising controversy. Because, he made an oath to wear shoes or walk barefoot until Salman Khan got married.

In fact, this oath was carried out and became viral on social media. Like what? Scroll through the article below.

I swear it will hurt

Adil Khan’s ex-wife became viral and in the spotlight after being caught soaking or walking barefoot at Mumbai Airport yesterday afternoon. Wearing a Tosca green shirt and jeans, she covered her face with a pink jacket.

When asked why she walks barefoot, Rakhi Sawant confessed that she had kept a mannat (a wish) and vowed to do so for Salman Khan.

No kidding, Rakhi Sawant deliberately moved from Sri Lanka to Dubai to pray that the cast of the film Tiger 3 get married. It is known, until now, Shah Rukh Khan’s partner has not married at a young age.

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