Son Seok Gu’s response to the controversy turned out to be a direct letter to actor Nam Myung Ryul


South Korea – On July 23, Son Seok Gu appeared on JTBC Newsroom. During the event, Son Seok Gu discussed his controversy which was considered offensive to veteran actors.

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Son Seok Gu’s response to the controversy

son seok gu
Source: JTBC News

When appearing as a guest star on the JTBC Newsroom program, Son Seok Gu answered questions about the controversy that dragged his name. Son Seok Gu admitted that his statement was one of his immaturity, but it was an interesting experience to continue to be the best actor in the future.

“About 10 years ago, when I first started acting, I felt pressured to conform to a certain standard approach to acting while trying to become a good actor. Looking back, I don’t think that actually happened.” replied Son Seok Gu in the JTBC Newsroom program quoted via Daum on Monday, July 24, 2023.

“It was more due to my immaturity and stubbornness at the time. However, this experience became the driving force behind the realization that I had to have my own style. Even now, when choosing roles, I often think about this aspect.” he added.

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