Son of a conglomerate, Song Ji Hyo once worked part time and was immediately offered acting


South Korea – Song Ji Hyo opened the pages of his past by saying that he had worked part time or part time.

Unexpectedly, after that Song Ji Hyo was immediately offered for casting and a career in the entertainment industry. Here’s more through the review below.

Song Ji Hyo used to work part time

creative group ing

Photo : Creative group ing

Not a few Korean artists have tasted part-time jobs in cafes and restaurants before starting their careers as public figures, one of which is Song Ji Hyo.

During his appearance on the Running Man program which aired July 23, 2023, Song Ji Hyo opened the pages of his past by telling him about his former job as a part time worker.

I got the role while working part time at Apgujeong,” said Song Ji Hyo on the Running Man program, launching from KBIZoom, July 24, 2023.

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