Slandered by Ignoring Betrand Peto during a Stage, Rossa Firmly Takes the Legal Path to Spreading Hoaxes

Jakarta – The viral TikTok video that says Rossa ignored Betrand Peto during a gig in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia caught the public’s attention.

Not accepting content that leads to opinion, Rossa and her management are ready to sue the TikTok content creator to legal action. Then what article will be imposed? Take a peek at Rossa’s management statement below.

Rossa is ready to sue Tiktokers for slander

Rossa’s management, namely Inspire IDN, issued the latest release following a viral video which alleged that Rossa abused Ruben Onsu’s son, Betrand Peto while performing in Malaysia.

“Responding to the issue that is currently going viral from the @THARIEZ account on tiktok which intentionally posts VT from Rossa’s concert at Zepp Kuala Lumpur Malaysia and provides narratives that are slanderous, fake news, misleading, defamatory, with the intention of provoking and also driving negative public opinion, ” wrote a statement from Rossa’s agency quoted on Tuesday, 18 July 2023.

“So through this opportunity, we, as the management of @itsrossa910, emphasize that the contents of the content are NOT TRUE. For this reason, we will follow up on this case according to the law in force in INDONESIA,” he continued.

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