Singing Beggar’s Love Song with Jhony Iskandar, Ardhito Pramono: Excited

Jakarta – On July 1, 2023, Ardhito Pramono took part in enlivening the Ujung-ujungnya Dangdut Jakarta 2023 music festival. Prior to the collaboration with the original dangdut singer, Ardhito Pramono performed his hit songs and conducted an interview with the IntipSeleb team.

So, what are the results of Adrhito Pramono’s interviews and performances at the Ujung-ujung Dangdut festival? Come on, check it out in full below!

Ardhito Pramono’s response about going to dangdut music

Ardhito Pramono

Ardhito Pramono said that he doesn’t want to avoid challenges if he later dives into the dangdut genre. According to him, music is broad and can be explored more broadly.

“Music is broad, right? It means you can make interesting dangdut songs. Malay or interesting, there’s a lot that can be explored from dangdut music,” said Ardhito Pramono to the IntipSeleb team on Saturday, July 1 2023.

At the Ujung-ujung Dangdut music festival, Ardhito Pramono also collaborated with Jhony Iskandar. Ardihoto Pramono will perform the song Beggar of Love with Jhony Iskandar.

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