Singer Metahuman Performs at the End of Dangdut Jakarta, Carrying a Mission of Novelty

Jakarta – The 2023 Jakarta Dangdut Festival finally presents a special and unique performer. The biggest dangdut music festival in Asia presents the first metahuman dangdut singer in Indonesia, Laverda Salsabila or who is familiarly called Lav Caca.

Lav Caca collaborated with Mekar Disco and performed a number of well-known Indonesian songs, such as the song Gantung from Melly Goeslaw. Check out the full review below.

Bring Novelty Missions

Sabrina Diandra

Together with Mekar Disco at the Edge of Dangdut, Lav Caca appeared on the big screen dressed in dapper clothes and a voice that could make the audience sing along. Lav Caca’s appearance as a metahuman singer in Dangdut Jakarta’s Edges brings something new to the country’s music industry.

This novelty was welcomed, not only by music lovers, but also by Sabrina Diandra as the Marketing Manager of NIVEA Deodorant who entrusted her as a beauty influencer.

Lav Caca himself is happy for this appointment. He is happy to be given this trust.

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