Sin is not mine to bear

Jakarta – The video of Loly’s son Nikita Mirzani staggering while he was heavily drunk went viral on social media. At that time Loly could not walk alone and almost fell several times, so she had to be supported by a woman.

After being silent, Nikita Mirzani finally responded to the viral video of her eldest daughter being heavily drunk.

Nikita Mirzani’s Response to Drunk Loly


Photo: Instagram/nikitamirzanimawardi_172

Nikita Mirzani finally expressed her opinion regarding the viral video showing her eldest daughter, Laura Meizani alias Loly, in a very drunken state.

In the circulating video, Loly is seen walking unsteadily while being assisted by a woman. Nikita Mirzani admitted that she felt sad seeing her eldest daughter like that.

“Do you say it hurts, Niki? No. Sad isn’t it? A little bit,” explained Nikita Mirzani as quoted from YouTube Cumicumi, Saturday, July 22, 2023.

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