Showing off photos with Dahlia Poland, Fandy Christian was blasphemed by netizens

Jakarta – Fandy Christian shared a blurry photo of himself with Dahlia Poland. Even without a caption, it is clear that the photo is Fandy and Dahlia.

However, Fandy Christian’s action of posting photos with Dahlia Poland instead became material for blasphemy for netizens. How come? Let’s find out why!

Share Photos with Dahlia Poland

Fandy Christian’s alleged affair with Andi Annisa had been circulating for some time. This started when Dahlia Poland uncovered the issue of her husband’s affair with her co-star.

After Dahlia Poland revealed that her husband had the heart to play with fire behind her, Fandy Christian remained silent. Until finally, Fandy wrote a message to Dahlia containing his hopes for their household to be well.

Now, Fandy Christian regularly shows his love for Dahlia Poland on Instagram. Like his latest upload, which shows a blurry photo of him and Dahlia. The two of them were sitting side by side casually. Although, Fandy deliberately did not put a caption in his post.

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