Showing Off Hijab Pose, Aura of Love: Which Imam is the Imam


Jakarta – Sexy actress and singer Aura Kasih is back in the public spotlight, after appearing slender wearing a hijab.

The woman from Bandung was seen wearing an all-black outfit and looking for a new priest candidate. Is it true? let’s take a peek at the article.

Search for Priest Candidates

Often looking sexy, now the owner’s real name is Sanny Aura Syahrani alias Aura Kasih looks beautiful when wearing a hijab and posing super gracefully.

In his latest upload, Eryck Amaral’s ex-wife uses an all-black robe and headscarf. Looking very calm and elegant, the singer of the song ‘Mari Bercinta’ successfully made netizens cross with the caption in the photo.

The reason is that Aura Kasih seemed to provide information that he was looking for a new candidate for the priest for Arabella’s future father.

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