Shock! Della Puspita’s new husband, allegedly still married, woman, allegedly legal wife, appears: I’m ashamed


Jakarta – Shocking news happened to Della Puspita’s marriage to her new husband named Arman Juliansyah alias Arman Wosi.

Not long after sharing the happy news, suddenly a woman appeared claiming to be Arman Wosi’s legal wife. She accused her husband of secretly marrying Della Puspita. Like what?

A Woman Appears Claiming to be Arman Wosi’s Legitimate Wife

Della Puspita's husband

Della Puspita recently announced that she married Arman Wosi and officially released her widow status.

However, her happiness as a newlywed was suddenly disturbed when suddenly a veiled woman named Susan appeared and claimed in the media that she was Arman Wosi’s legal wife and had been married for 9 years.

“I have been married to my husband for almost 9 years. Recently, my husband announced that he had an unregistered marriage with (a woman) with the initials D. I was shocked, I never knew my husband was in a relationship with the artist with the initials D,” said the woman. from YouTube Intense Investigation, Saturday, July 8, 2023.

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