Shiver! A Mysterious Hand Figure Appears on Hyunjae The Boyz’s Shoulder

South Korea – Recently, a clip of THE BOYZ’s Hyunjae performing speech at one of these concerts it was busy on social media. The reason is, the comment shows a hand that suddenly appears on Hyunjae Tge Boyz’s shoulder.

So, what kind of moment is considered horror? Come on, take a peek at the article below!

Hyunjae The Boyz Horror Moments

On the Instiz website, a netizen shared a clip of the video clip that is more than 2 months old and he shared it on the online forum of South Korean netizens. In the video clip that was shared, Hyunjae was seen doing speech or speeches to fans.

But what caught the attention of netizens was a mysterious hand that appeared on Hyunjae’s right shoulder. The hand was seen holding Hyunjae’s shoulder for a few seconds before then just disappearing.

Many netizens claim to get goosebumps after seeing the short clip. However, many also believe it is just an optical illusion.

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