Shandy William Must Quickly Change Mood For Acting in the TV Series Love Cinema

Jakarta – Shandy William is now playing the series ‘TV Love Cinema’. In his acting, he has to live three characters at once namely Nando, Marko, and Happy.

While the three characters have different properties. Come on, take a peek at the challenges that Shandy William feels in his acting.

So 3 Characters


Photo: Special

“It seems that most of the players get three different characters, then we have to be cool, cheerful, sad, happy people,” said Shandy William in the Rawamangun area, East Jakarta, Friday, July 21, 2023.

“So when filming, you have to quickly change the mood, that’s the challenge,” explained Shandy.

Recognized by Shandy William, the three of them have different characters. According to him, the most difficult character to play is Nando.

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