‘Shameless’ Cheating Twice Even Blaming Wife, Coco Lee’s Husband Asks For Inheritance Share

Hong Kong – It was reported that Coco Lee’s husband, Bruce Rockowitz, recently asked for a share in the inheritance of the Hong Kong singer of IDR 2 trillion. He is even trying to change Coco Lee’s will.

In fact, Coco Lee’s husband is in the process of divorcing because of an extramarital affair. What’s the story like? Let’s take a peek in full below.

Ask for Coco Lee’s Inheritance Share

Instagram/ @cocolee

Photo : Instagram/ @cocolee

Hong Kong singer Coco Lee passed away on 5 July 2023 after attempting suicide and being hospitalized. He left several properties which were passed on to Coco Lee’s mother and his brother worth 128 million USD or the equivalent of Rp. 2 trillion.

The assets are in the form of seven properties in Hong Kong, which are luxury homes and commercial buildings in upscale districts.

Of the seven properties, four are jointly owned by Lee and his mother. One of the properties was registered in the names of Lee, his mother and two sisters, Carol and Nancy all of which were paid in full by Lee.

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