Save the Date! The Collaboration of King Dangdut and Prince Koplo Will Be Aired on ANTV

PeekSeleb – The biggest dangdut music festival in Asia. In the end, Dangdut Jakarta, which will be held on July 1, 2023, will be broadcast live on ANTV.

For dangdut music lovers, of course you are no stranger to Denny Caknan’s performance. But this time, the singer of the song ‘Kartonyono Medot Janji’ will be on the same stage as the King of Dangdut. Is it true? Scroll through the following articles!

Denny Caknan, Rhoma Irama

Dubbed as ‘The Next Didi Kempot’, Denny Caknan’s charm as a koplo singer from East Java has managed to attract the attention of the audience because of his heart-rending demeanor and song meaning. Often singing songs of the sad and troubled genre, is it true that this time Denny Caknan will be hanging out with the people of Jakarta?

The holding of the Jakarta Constitution Festival which will be broadcast live by ANTV at Beach City International Stadium Ancol, with all the cool and interesting preparations.

When questioned by the IntipSeleb team via telephone call, the singer from Ngawi invited Jakarta residents to attend the Ujung-End Dangdut Festival so they could experience the expensive blend of dangdut music across generations.

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