Save the Date! Thai actor Dew Jirawat will hold a fanmeet in Jakarta

Jakarta – Jirawat Sutivanichsak or better known as Dew Jirawat is a Thai actor who is quite popular.

For you fans of Dew, I think you have to be prepared. Because, Dew Jirawat will soon be holding his first fanmeet in Indonesia, you know. Curious? Let’s take a peek at the following Dew Jirawat fanmeet news.

Through his personal Instagram, Dew Jiawat shared information regarding his first Fanmeet schedule to be held this year.

The fanmeet entitled ‘Dew 1st Solo Fanmeet 2023’ will be held in 7 cities. One of the countries Dew will visit is Indonesia, specifically Jakarta.

Dew Jirawat will start his first fanmeet in Taipei on August 13 2023, then continue to Hong Kong, Manila, Guangzhou, Chengdu and Nanjing.

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