Saipul Jamil was furious at being accused of not being normal, Dewi Persik alluded to evidence of chatting with men


Jakarta – The feud between Dewi Perssik and her ex-husband, Saipul Jamil is heating up. Dewi had revealed that she had caught Saipul Jamil having an affair with a man.

This time, Dewi Perssik again touched on the immoral case that ensnared Saipul Jamil. Not accepting it, Saipul also threatened to report Dewi if he did not immediately delete the post on his Instagram. Check out the full news below.

Dewi Perssik Alluded to Saipul Jamil’s Immoral Case

Through her personal Instagram, Dewi Perssik was caught uploading a video clip showing interviews with victims of the immoral case that ensnared Saipul Jamil.

In a fragment of the interview, he mentioned the chronology of the immoral cases that were received by the victim Saipul Jamil. Meanwhile, in the caption, Dewi again mentioned Saipul Jamil’s sexual orientation, who admitted that he was normal and not gay or homo.

“Normal you say? Here, I’ll give it again… don’t refuse to forget, this victim is about to be wacr after 6 years of being released from prison, the hompimpa ala hap hap. So, if you see it’s a bit big, it’s normal… before the hap hap, the child is still small,” wrote Dewi Perssik quoted on Sunday, July 23, 2023.

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