Saipul Jamil Calls the Persik Goddess Seducing Himself and Having Sex Before Marriage: My Example is Normal


Jakarta – The feud between Saipul Jamil and Dewi Perssik is heating up. Both dismantled each other’s disgrace. Recently, sworddut Saipul Jamil revealed his first story with the singer of the song Sweet Dreams.

He said Dewi Perssik tempted Saipul Jamil to have sex even though the two of them were not officially married. What did he say? Take a peek in full below.

Dewi Perssik is called Goda Saipul Jamil


Photo : Instagram/lambe_danu

Saipul Jamil in his live broadcast mentions his memories with his ex-wife, Dewi Perssik. He admitted that before the two got married, Dewi Persik had seduced him.

For his actions, the two of them had intimate relations even though they had not yet officially made their sacred vows of marriage. This is an example of Saipul Jamil regarding his denial that he is called gay or same-sex enthusiast.

“Seductive is her (Dewi Persik). I took him to my apartment, yes, we were both open, flirting with him, if I had gone first, I would have been reported, raped. He seduced me, this story before marriage huh. there was a relationship that was forbidden by Allah between men and women,” said Saipul Jamil, quoted from Instagram @lambe_danu, Monday, July 24, 2023.

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