Ryan Gosling Offers Ken’s Barbie Guitar to Jimin BTS for Breaking This Rule


United States of America – After a long wait, the Barbie Live Action movie is finally showing in theaters all over the country. A number of interesting facts were revealed during the screening of the film.

One of the details that surprised fans was that the clothes Ken wore were inspired by KPop star Jimin BTS. Like what? Let’s look at the information together!

Offer a Guitar Gift

Source: GossipHerald

According to Ryan Gosling, who played Ken in Greta Gerwig’s Barbie, there is one cardinal rule Ken should never break: never imitate another Ken’s style.

The actor then mentioned BTS’ Jimin ahead of the film’s release on Wednesday, July 19 and admitted that he accidentally copied one of the K-Pop star’s iconic outfits and offered a special gift in exchange for a fashion faux pas.

“Hey Jimin, it’s Ryan Gosling here. I noticed that your “Permission to Dance” outfit is the same as my Ken’s outfit in the upcoming Barbie movie. I have to give it to you – you put it on first. You must wear them really well and there’s an unspoken Ken code that if you bite another Ken’s style you have to give them your most prized possession,” she said in a video posted to Barbie’s official Twitter page, launched Friday July 21, 2023.

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