Rush – Troye Sivan Lyrics and Indonesian Translation

United States of America – Troye Sivan released the song Rush today, Friday, July 14, 2023. The song Rush is the main single from Troye Sivan’s third studio album entitled Something to Give Each Other.

Rush’s music video encompasses both sexiness and celebration of queer. The Rush music video was directed by Gordon von Steiner and with choreography from Sergio Reis.

Come on, take a peek at the lyrics of the song Rush – Troye Sivan, along with the Indonesian translation!

Rush Lyrics – Troye Sivan

I feel the rush
Addicted to your touch

(Verse 1)
Great communication, tell me what you want
Translate your vibration, let your body talk to me
Baby love, if you wanna show me what
You’ve been schemin’ up, if you wanna (Let go)
Trust the simulation, don’t let it break
Every stimulation, promise I can take
What do you want to give? Boy, you better show me what
You’ve been schemin’ up

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