Romie Johanes Indonesian painter who is passionate about abstract painting, inspired by Japanese artists


PeekSeleb – Starting from Affandi, Raden Saleh, Basoeki Abdullah, and other names that made Indonesia famous in the field of painting. With their own characteristics and painting style, they carry the name of Indonesia which is always taken into account by the international community with their beautiful works.

Are you curious about Romie Johanes’ career journey? Let’s take a peek below.

In this modern era, there are many names that have followed in the footsteps of earlier Indonesian painters. Paintings made according to the times or what are called contemporary paintings.

One of the names of Indonesian painters in contemporary times is Romie Johanes. Romie studied art in Vancouver, Canada. Diploma degree earned by pursuing Fine Art painting. Initially after graduating from this education, he planned to study digital design.

However, he was more interested in exploring abstract painting. The abstract painting style done by Romie is inspired by Japanese artists. By that time he had earned his degree, and had gone to Japan and several countries in Asia. What he admired was in terms of thoroughness, quality, and perseverance. That’s what inspired Romie.

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