Robbed, Relationship of Michael Rendy Clayton’s Father and the Actor Revealed

Semarang – Celebgram Michael Rendy experienced a tense incident, namely his house was broken into by robbers. In fact, Clayton’s father had been involved in a fight which caused him to have injuries to his hands and ears.

Investigate a calibaration, the perpetrator of the break-in to celebrity Michael Rendy’s house was his own neighbor. What is the relationship between Michael Rendy and the perpetrator of his house burglary? Take a peek at the article!

Chronology of Michael Rendy Experienced a Robbery

Celebrity Michael Rendy reported that he was a victim of a robbery in his own house. Through his Instagram, he tells a chronology of how he could experience a robbery.

Michael Rendy said that the perpetrator initially turned off the electricity in his house so that he left the house. Unexpectedly, the perpetrator was ready to attack him with a knife.

“He (the perpetrator) turned off (the electricity), I knew it was ugly, this electricity, I came out. He immediately attacked from behind with this knife,” said Michael Redny on his Instagram @michaelrendyw, reported by IntipSeleb on Monday, 10 July 2023.

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