RK Atok, husband of Meylisa Zaara, promises to open his voice after being suspected of having an affair with a man


Jakarta – Selebgram Meylisa Zaara reveals her husband’s forbidden love, Rizka Khoriul Atok or RK Atok with a man. Catching her husband having an affair with another man, Meylisa actually admitted to experiencing Domestic Violence (KDRT).

Now, it is said that RK Atok promised to open his voice. This was revealed by Ernawati Ulfana alias Erna, a participant in Dangdut Academy 2. What did she say? Let’s take a peek at his narrative!

Promise RK Atok Will Open Vote


Photo : Instagram/lambe_danu

Quoting Instagram @lambe_danu, Erna DA2 or Erna Academy shared a photo of RK Atok, Meylisa Zaara’s husband who was suspected of being a same-sex lover. Erna opened the question and answer session between RK Atok and netizens by inviting them to send questions.

Ask RK something,” wrote Erna Academy, on Instagram Story @erna.academy, reported by IntipSeleb from Instagram @lambe_danu, Thursday, July 20 2023.

Then, the account shared a private chat with Erna Academy. It is not clear how the chat started. However, Erna assured that if RK Atok plans to speak up, it’s just a matter of time.

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