Rizal Djibran Policed ​​by His Wife for Case of Alleged Making of False Reports

Jakarta – Homeland artist, Rizal Djibran, was policed ​​by his wife, Sarah, for allegedly committing false reporting. The report that Sarah submitted to Polda Metro Jaya on Monday, 10 July 2023, was confirmed by her attorney, Tris Haryanto.

“We immediately went to the SPKT to make a report to the police again, yes to Rizal regarding the alleged crime of making a complaint or making a false report at the police and or defamation or slander,” said Tris Haryanto to the media crew at Polda Metro Jaya on Monday, 10 July 2023.

This police report was filed by Sarah after she underwent an examination as a reporter for Rizal Djibran’s report. Sarah was accused of defaming Rizal’s good name. Check out the full review below.

Submit to Investigators

Peek Celebrity / Yudi

Photo: Peek Seleb / Yudi

Tris said, his party entrusted all reports to the police. He believes the police will act fairly on his client’s report.

“Yes, maybe I can’t say it concretely here. The point is that the report has been received now, it will only be left for the investigators to investigate,” said Tris.

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