Revealed! This is the person who contributed IDR 100 million to Denise Chariesta during the open donation: I hate this person


Jakarta – Denise Chariesta, who previously opened donations for childbirth costs, was able to show off that she received a donation of IDR 100 million. Netizens were skeptical that at that time it was Denise herself who contributed IDR 100 million.

However, now Denise Chariesta has met the person who transferred the IDR 100 million. Then, who is that figure?

This is the figure who transfers IDR 100 million


Photo : Instagram/lambe_danu

Previously, Denise Chariesta showed off proof of the transfer of IDR 100 million that she got when she made an open donation for giving birth.

Having been blasphemed and accused of transferring using his own money, the flower seller program finally met the figure of the man who gave him this fantastic money.

“So, guys, I’ve found someone who gave me 100 million,” said Denise Chariesta, quoted from Instagram @lambe_danu, Monday, July 24, 2023.

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