Revealed! This disease made Nathalie Holscher take off her hijab


Jakarta – Nathalie Holscher’s decision to take off her hijab after divorcing Sule shocked the public. But his friends and closest people still support him.

One of them is Marissya Icha, a friend who tries to reveal why Nathalie Holscher took off her hijab. Come on, take a peek at why Nathalie Holscher took off her hijab.

Friend Support


Photo: Instagram/marissyaichareal

The amount of blasphemy that Nathalie Holscher’s corner seemed to ignore. But as a friend, Marissya Icha tries to provide support.

“Yes, as a friend, we definitely support whatever Nathalie is currently doing,” Marissya Icha told reporters.

Marissya Icha admitted that she received many stories from Nathalie Holscher about the reasons for removing the hijab. however, he could not convey it to the public on the grounds of protecting the artist’s privacy.

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