Revealed! Coco Lee Has IDR 2 Trillion in Assets and Will Be Handed Over to Her Mother

Hong Kong – Some time ago Coco Lee recently died of a suicide attempt at the age of 48. After his death, it was revealed that the singer’s assets were fantastic.

Investigate a calibaration, these assets will be passed on to his mother after Coco Lee dies. Let’s take a closer look at the assets of the deceased.

Properties Owned by Coco Lee

Instagram/ @cocolee

Photo : Instagram/ @cocolee

Recently it was revealed that the assets left by Coco Lee were so fantastic. According to media outlets, Sina disclosed the ownership of the property, from music royalties to bank assets owned by the deceased.

Coco Lee is known to own 7 houses and properties in Hong Kong. These properties are located in prime areas such as Peak, Central Mid-Levels and West Mid-Levels and are purchased with cash.

Of these, 4 villas are owned by Coco Lee, her mother and her two sisters through joint ownership. According to the media outlet, with this form of ownership, when one person dies it will be inherited to the remaining individual.

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