Revealed! Cause of the death of the tiger Alshad Ahmad: his brother Cenora is like that too

Jakarta – Alshad Ahmad returned to controversy after a cub named Cenora died. The reason is, this is not the first time Raffi Ahmad’s pet tiger has died.

Even though he was criticized a lot, Alshad Ahmad still explained the cause of Cenora’s death. What’s that?

The cause of the death of the tiger Alshad Ahmad


Photo : TikTok/kara0123

Alshad Ahmad is now being blamed by many netizens because his pet tiger has died again. But amidst the blasphemy, Alshad still gave an explanation regarding Cenora’s death.

Through live Instagram, he announced that he had done an autopsy by taking Cenora’s body to the vet. Through the autopsy, it was initially discovered that there was an oddity in Cenora’s lungs.

“There is something different, there is something in the lungs,” said Alshad Ahmad, quoted from live Instagram, which was re-uploaded to TikTok @kara0123, Tuesday, July 25 2023.

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