Response from Mrs. Citra Kirana Knows that Rezky Aditya has a child from another woman


Jakarta – Citra Kirana opened her voice regarding Rezky Aditya being legally declared the biological father of Wenny Ariani’s child, after the Supreme Court rejected the cassation filed by her party.

In fact, he recounted his mother’s response, after the news that Rezky Aditya had a child from a woman named Wenny Ariani. He explained this through his attorney, Ana Sofa Yuking’s YouTube podcast. So how will it go? Let’s see!

Kiran's image

Citra Kirana shared all her feelings when she first heard that her husband had a child with another woman. He also admitted that he was shocked, even cried when he recalled that moment.

Furthermore, he then told his mother’s reaction. He said, instead of being angry, his mother actually supported and strengthened Rezky Aditya.

Not only that, in Citra Kirana’s statement. He was also asked by his mother to maintain his household with Rezky Aditya.

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